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Bought a big house, but lose my home

  city in of people, buy room is each personal of dream, big of House good of car is decided you of social status of standard, so, people are race with Rob with of drug buy room, buy has room also to for Ward, Ward also to for more big of room, anyway this era, what are is rich on line of, rich can buy big house, can buy luxury of car, can let you became social high characters, rich even moved are without annoying, in, moved company will has full of moved service, money can buy of many things, But like a lot of people say that, money can buy medicine but not health, money can buy love, but not love and money can buy a bigger house, but it can't buy a home.
I this year just 40 age, career success, and many such of people as, I has has several money, on not know the Michael that article leg has, find has young of lover, abandoned has with I self-made now elegance no longer of wife, and wife divorce Hou, I moved away from has original of home, moved to has to now wife buy of that building big house, and ex-wife, with I with in that old floor of two bedroom in life has 16 years.
new married life was not as I imagined it, lover and wife is not the same, you can tolerate lovers only spoiled brat but don't do any housework, but cannot tolerate wife so that you can tolerate lovers concerned about your money they don't care about your people, but you can't put up with his wife. Now of wife seems to is also didn't think he now is I of wife of responsibility, I daily entertainment is late back, she even a cup water are not to I pour, only know in there Internet chat, home lane of is mess, he eat of snacks everywhere are is, open refrigerator are is some snacks of things, no as I can eat of, I began Miss ex-wife each I entertainment home to I do of hot surface, began miss that a sound sound intimate of greeting, finally understand has, money buy has big of House, but I lost has I of home, lost has home of feel, We become slaves of this big house, trapped by the big houses.