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A mover of the most simple smile

  he, a regular ordinary movers moving companies, if he really is something different, then his signature simple smile is his most unique places. He laughed, not because he finished the work, but because he laughs for others, for his moving customers, to see the others laugh, he will smile, as if their move.
he is a rural boy, when conditions are particularly bad in the House, but the whole family together and never complains about anything, all happy together every day, live for their family. He was the eldest son of the family, when he was 17 years old, his father died, for the less well-off families, this is a bolt from when his father died, and only confessed that he has to take care of the home, a family to remain together.
he carry care of brother, sister and mother's responsibility, it started working, but it has too few opportunities to work at home, he chooses to, the day before he came, he said to his family, waiting for me, waiting for me to take you to the family never separated.
is with this vow, to work hard, no matter what kind of frustration, just to see the family happily together, he just wants to see his family happy.
is now a normal moving company workers whenever he sees customers moving to the new home of spirits, his own happy more than anyone, because it is seen in his heart a family happily together forever, and hope that he looks forward to the day when the arrival of, so they are always having fun with the whole family together.