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New House, kitchen items placed taboo, you know

  moved to a new House, new home! According to the Chinese tradition of thousands of years, moving to choose an auspicious day, so goes smoothly. As our nation's long tradition of moving to choose an auspicious day, a new home to see Feng Shui, in the process of moving some very particular about things like illness of one's cross-fire only for a peace of mind. There will be taboo, taboo, taboo, etc. Now moved has professional of moved company for you service let you save has many has strength, and today to told you of is we not let you moved province Shi effort, and moved process in the of some should note of place we will reminded you, today we for you accept of is everyone most care of moved Hou kitchen items of placed of some taboo:
moved new homes Hou, items are to again placed, kitchen stove of placed best followed following law, such regardless of from traditional Feng Shui, also is from modern environmental and the psychology angle for, Are reasonable:
first, stoves do not close to the sink, stove fire, sink water, fire, they should not be too close.
Second, avoid cooker with access straight, in the traditional Chinese concept of Feng Shui, that cooker is a cooking place, it would not be appropriate was quoted recently by the way straight. The stove should not be placed in the West. Traditional Feng Shui believes that the West's "gold" gas furnace "fire" g, ominous. And sets in the West and lifeless, cooking meals, oven to absorb these "apathy" is inauspicious. Stoves for cooking food, sun light, easy to change, people get sick after eating, which are bad practices.
the third need attention are stove avoid me de Cassis, when selecting a cooking stove or in building stoves, some colors are not suitable, such as red. Because red is fire, stove element fire; from the analysis on the psychology of color, red or easy to get angry, so better avoid, black should not be used.
final to ensure the balance of yin and Yang, the kitchen is rushing water where, if their balance, harmony, and is conducive to the prosperity of the family home. Kitchen for yin, is the place to store food instead of frequently used area for the whole family. However, if a corner of the kitchen as a casual dining area, you can increase the Yang of kitchen, kitchen, balance of yin and Yang.
This is for you a summary of the most basic set of kitchen equipment requirements, on the basis of these five elements in the book of order, but also in line with current scientific principles. Moving to a new House, of course, want a little of everything to perfection, so kitchen furnishings do not forget Oh!