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Knowing these injuries, always move you have the heart to do

  don't think you want to move into the big house kids and adults happy and don't think changing to a different environment, living in a different House as kids and adults happy to; don't think the move had nothing to do and children. Always move will bring a great deal of hurt parents did you know? Remind parents you moved a lot in a short time will cause a lot of damage to children's mental, know this, as parents do you have the heart is always moving around?
moved a lot within a short period just how much harm to their children: published in the United States the archives of General Psychiatry, a study shows that moving too much easy to make children's psychological trauma, grief, easily lead to child autism, depression, serious and even suicide.
the study showed that children who move more than 3 times more likely to commit suicide than their peers of the impulse. For children to move means lost contact with friends, was forced to leave familiar surroundings. Is was forced to left, is not he voluntary of, because Dang parents decided moved Shi, who also no care had children whether willing to, so children may will was himself of views was ignored has, or is was forced dry has a pieces things, these factors are will prompted they sad cry even made radical of suicide moves, and these radical of behavior may just to let himself get attention.
move to a strange house, access to new things, adapt to the new environment, and these are the children do not want, again reminding parents that you frequent moving, frequently changing to a new environment is not what kids want, because move children really cause a lot of damage, which parents are not willing to see! So moved, please consider your child!