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Moving around so we will always be floating life

  long missing of friends of QQ signature variable has, "moved to moved to of life what when only can end", see has he such of signature I couldn't help open chat window, and he chat has up, we with graduated to work has has 3 years of time has, 3 years has, everyone has go our separate ways has, although in a city in, but also no any of from has, because seems not like in school in as can all day has said not finished words has. The chat is only implied a few sentences, finds that offensive was stopped, but I still thought, our floating life if when will it end?
from West to East, from Fengtai to Chaoyang, from bungalow to building, in of this years, seems are is make do with live with, to found better of residence, residents room, and bungalow, and tongzilou, and community floor, and single rent, and collection rent I almost are to has a again, variety level multiple way of rental I are try had has, I wants to if said up rental, should no than I experience more has, but now still no most satisfaction of, also in wants to with Xia once of moved.
is what most want to live there, because the family is not here, so get used to it you might want to move to, I was thinking that maybe this is the reason why we always drifted with it, I think this is the reason why the business is always so well. In a few years, moving several times but I'm still in the ranks of the North drift owners, in order to end more wandering life I played hard.
move has been intense competition in the industry!
to know such things, always move you bear it?
new House, kitchen items placed taboos you know?
movers the most guileless smile.
swagger to moving company "moved" the homeowner's property.