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  Shanghai ping an moving company is a collection of moving, transportation and freight of large Shanghai moving company. For the private sector. Has district branches, transport network covering the whole of Shanghai City. Shanghai moving company has a van and safe sea and Gold Cup high top vans, and other vehicles, with full transport facilities, information management and internal computer network, and implementation of the satellite positioning system for vehicle real-time monitoring, vehicle allocation is more reasonable and efficient. Shanghai moving company safely through the unremitting efforts and the early "customer is the God-tailor personalized value-added services" concept, in achieving the best route, the most economical transportation and the best group of goods has made unremitting efforts.
our commitment: moving figure is a convenient and comfortable, this company based on this principle, trying to help everyone, every little part of the move, to become the star enterprise in Shanghai, moved to make its due contribution in the field.

            our principle: customer first, reputation first, service best.

     our operating principles: quality, service and development.