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safe moving company is established in Shanghai earlier Shanghai moving company, in strong support of the community, and through the tireless efforts of all staff, Shanghai moving company has grown rapidly, from its early days has developed into several units currently employs more than 400 people, vehicles more than 100 vehicles professional moving companies in Shanghai. Safe moving company all staff are trained in Shanghai, Shanghai safe moving company, peace moves, Shanghai Shanghai peace, peace, peace move, moving moving, safe moving company, safe moving companies in peace, peace move prices in Shanghai, Shanghai moved the phone working attitude, excellent service!

safe moving company is a reputable company in Shanghai. Has variety models and professional service personnel, the district are has Division, Shanghai peace moved company has various transport vehicles and perfect of supporting transport equipment, and can near sent car; is responsible for undertake social mass moved, and company migration, and long short goods transport, business, can provides professional disassembly furniture air conditioning, and handling piano, and generation playing packaging, and free carton, and acquisition old furniture electrical, day and night provides service Shanghai peace moved company.

companies always adhere to quality service, strict enforcement of "five good three are not allowed to" practice in the industry and commitment to implement the three services.

a) five good service standard

II) three no

1, and security point service good; no received smoke wine tip;

2, and statue guest love goods attitude good; no accept eating hospitality;

3, and light light unloading handling good; no damaged missed items;

4, and special requirements completed good;

5, and reasonable charges reputation good.

c) service commitment:

first, move more without error, was delayed for an hour, and compensation for customers of 50 Yuan, delayed two hours and compensation of 100 Yuan

, first move the second, postpaid, dissatisfied customers, meaning less freight paid or unpaid

three, customer complaints, will reply within five days, compensation for customers 20 Yuan per day